Weekly Events 4/23/12 – 4/27/2012


SCALA presents a free Webinar 2:00pm- 3:30, Husted 008


Join SCALA for a free webinar from the Association of College and Research Libraries.


The immense popularity of Pinterest paired with its potential research applications makes it a strong resource in the modern academic library tool box. Pinterest has more than 10 million users, drives more traffic than Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube combined, and has been called “2012’s hottest website”.  Pinterest in a virtual pinboard for “pinning” images you discover online or add yourself. It serves as a way to discover or share pictures and infographics and visually curate online resources for your own use or collaboratively.

Pinterest is important for academic and research libraries because of its implications for information usage, content sharing, service enhancements, and opportunities for collaboration and PR. This webcast will introduce Pinterest and its usage, outline the technology trends represented by Pinterest and their impacts on libraries and information usage, explore academic and library applications, and guide you through projects to try at your library.


Joe Murphy, Librarian, Tech Trend Spotter

A complete description of the webinar can be found on the ACRL website.

For more information, contact UASCALA@gmail.com.



7th Annual New Trends in Computing & Informatics Research Conference

 Friday April 27th 8:00am-5:30pm, Assembly Hall, Campus Center 


The Informatics Faculty of The University at Albany is pleased to announce its Seventh Annual Spring Research Conference: New Trends in Computing and Informatics Research, 2012.


The conference will feature talks by student and faculty researchers discussing their current work, and poster displays by CCI students presenting the progress that they have made in their own research.


The topics of the research presentations will represent a variety of current streams of research relevant to Informatics. Master and PhD Student posters and presentations will highlight doctoral research at various stages, from proposals to completed research. The NTCIR conference will present research from the various specializations in the CCI PhD programs, including Informatics and Computer Science.







Get all the details for the CCI Individual recognition ceremony here!


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