Information Science Peer Educator Program (formerly INF 395)

We will  not be using INF 395 for undergraduate TA in the Informatics department in the fall. We will  be part of a university-wide peer educator pilot program.

This program will involve the student taking an EAPS course (number TBA), which will include some face-to-face meeting and written work in addition to being an teaching assistant with various responsibilities in an INF course (6-8 hours/week), earning three credits.

Students are eligible to apply if they are a junior/senior information science major or informatics minor, have earned a B or better in the course they are applying for, an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and be available to attend the class they are Taing for. Most importantly, you must have a recommendation from the instructor you had in class. Please do not apply without these criteria.

We are accepting applications for INF 100, 201, 202, 301 and IST 361.

To apply, please contact your instructor for a recommendation, who will then forward your request to me. Be sure to include:

Student ID
Course  and section you applying to TA for
Semester you took that course
Grade you received in that course (or leave blank if you are in that course now)
Overall GPA
Email address you can be reached at


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