A Good (Must) Read for CCI Ph.D. Students

RE:   “Graduate School Is a Means to a Job”

I recently came across an article entitled “Graduate School Is a Means to a Job” in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  It is a good read and I strongly encourage our current (and prospective) Ph.D. students to check it out.   To peak your interest, here is a brief excerpt:

“Never forget this primary rule: Graduate school is not your job; graduate school is a means to the job you want. Do not settle in to your graduate department like a little hamster burrowing in the wood shavings. Stay alert with your eye always on a national stage, poised for the next opportunity, whatever it is: to present a paper, attend a conference, meet a scholar in your field, forge a connection, gain a professional skill.”

The full article and reader comments may be found online, SEE:


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