Frequently Asked Questions: Registration

When can I register for classes?
Each student has a specific time that they are allowed to register for classes; this is called your enrollment appointment.  You can find your enrollment appointment on MYUALBANY.  This link will give you the step-by-step guide to finding your enrollment appointment :
Why can’t I register for classes?
There are many reasons why students can’t register for classes.  Here are some common situations students encounter:
1. Is it your time to register? See question above to find your enrollment appointment.
2. Did you enter your AVN number on MYUALBANY?
3. Is there a hold on your account?  You must call Student Accounts to discuss any holds.  Holds can be due to unpaid tuition, missing health center forms, unpaid bills from the health center, or from the library.  The sooner you take care of these holds the better. You may reach Student Accounts at 442-3202
4.  Are you on academic probation?  If you have not returned your Academic Improvement Form, then you may not be able to graduate.   You need to fill it out, your advisor will sign it, and then you need to return it to LC30.
Why won’t it let me register for a certain classes?
1. You may need a permission number.  Certain classes have permission numbers that are given out by advisors or professors.  For the IS major, IST 499 and IST 361 both require permission numbers.  You need to tell me (advisor) that you want to take these classes when we meet to discuss AVNs.  For classes outside of Informatics, you must contact that specific department.
2. Seniors cannot take 100-level classes without permission.  You need to complete the following form:…
And bring it to your advisor to sign, you will then have to take completed form to LC 30, and then ask for a permission number.
3. You may not have taken the pre-requisite for the class.
4.  Some departments only allow their majors to take certain classes.
5. The class may be filled. The schedule of classes shows “number of seats” available, but that does not always mean that number is available, especially if a CPN is required.
If you want to take a course that is filled, you should show up at the first day of class and talk to the professor. We cannot “get you into” classes.

What if I want to take a class that is full?
The best advice is to show up on the first day of class and ask the professor for a permission number.  Many students sign up for classes and then change their mind, leaving that seat open for someone else.  Many students receive permission numbers this way.

Where is your (advisement) office and/or the CCI Student Center?
Take the stairs located on the Academic Podium between the University Library and Business/Arts & Science building. Enter through the doors directly underneath the stairs. On the left is a hallway. If you go left down the hallway, you will find the Computer Science Department. If you go right down the hallway, you will find the CCI Student Center (LI84) and the Information Science Advisement Office (LI87).
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How do I add or drop a class?
Adding and dropping classes can be done through MYUALBANY.  The link below will give you step-by-step directions.

What is a permission number?
A permission number is a number that you must enter into the system before you are allowed to register.  Be certain to add the permission number into the correct spot on MYUALBANY.   Permission numbers are given out by specific departments.
Can you help me with my minor?
For minors outside of Informatics, you must contact your minor department.
Why do I have to meet with my advisor?
1.  Your advisor has your AVN number, which you need to register for classes.
2.  Our major is going through some major changes, and certain classes can be substituted.  To learn what those substitutions are and for them to show up on your Degree Audit (DARS), you MUST meet with your advisor, understanding that it can take weeks for the changes to reflect on your audit.
What counts as a Gen Ed (General Education Course)?
Use the following link to search for classes that count as General Education courses:
Questions regarding Gen Ed courses and requirements should be directed to the Academic Advisement Center .

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