Weekly Events 3/5/12 – 3/9/2012




SCSAA Meeting 3:00pm, Draper Student Lounge


We will have a brief meeting to discuss the possible trip to New York City, which we are now considering for April, get any updates about the bake sale and then adjourn at 3:15 for people to attend the Q&A.


New faces are always welcome, and we hope that many of you plan to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the Q&A hosted by SCALA, regardless of your field of interest.


Amber D’Ambrosio





TLT: Imposter Symdrome with Cathy Parker 5:00pm Standish Room, 3rd Floor Science Library 


This interactive workshop is free and there will be refreshments.


When you look around the workplace or classroom do you sometimes wonder if you really belong? Sure you have had some success but didn’t you just get lucky? Yes you are good at what you do but not as good as everyone really thinks. Someday they are going to find out tha…t you have been faking it. Does this sound like you? Guess what you are not alone. Heck you are not even in a minority. In this workshop we are going to talk about The Imposter Syndrome and how it holds you back. We will talk about how society helps reinforce these doubts especially for women in traditionally male fields. We will also discuss ways in which you can start to counteract the doubting voices in your head.




CCIWIT Meeting 4:30, CS Conference Room


Celebrate International Women’s Day with CCI Women in Technology!


Everyone’s assignment is to bring ONE MORE WOMEN to a meeting. She can be a classmate, friend, co-worker, instructor, or….! Our best chance of growing our network is each one of us reaching out and bringing in more women.


Please contact Jennifer Goodall with any questions at: jgoodall@albany.edu





Registering For Fall

AVNs are available! Make an appointment with your adviser to get yours.

Registration doesn’t start until the end of the month but now would be a good time to start planning!


The CCI Student Center has a tutor!

Michael Gale will be available in LI 85 for tutoring on:

Wednesdays: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Fridays: 10:30am -1:30pm

Tutoring is a free drop in service for students. Just stop by with any questions.


Not available during the CCI Tutor times? Need more help?

Check out:

Computer Science PLUS Groups.

Offering the extra academic assistance you need, when you need it.

Tuesdays 5:45 –  7:15 pm, Science Library, room G03

Assistance available for students taking       

Any 100- or 200-level Computer Science class


Free and open to all undergraduates!

Contact Coordinator:  Barbara Brown  442-3971, LI 36, for more info.


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