Doing an Internship is Important

I think students would want to do an internship for a variety of reasons. For starters, experience is always a great asset to have, especially in these difficult economic times.  An employer will gravitate toward a student who has experience over one that does not–even if that one has a very high GPA!!  The more internships, the better.  It is a well-known fact that students who graduate with 2 or 3 internships have an easier time finding employment. Why is this so?  Many employers will look for new hires among the ranks of their interns—the very students they mentored, trained and developed.  Besides, participating in several internships shows initiative.  It implies that someone has hustle. Another reason is work ethic.  Students who participate in several internships have the chance to develop a more mature outlook on the meaning of work , on the culture of a professional work environment, and the expectations of other collegues.

Participating in an internship is also a form of networking, that is, developing relationships with key people to help you find a job.  As the old adage goes, "it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know."  Consider the fact that part of finding a job requires having references—-people who will vouch for your skills, your personality, and your strengths.  There’s only one way to acquire references, and that’s to develop relationships with others.  Whether you’re introverted or extraverted, networking can be kind of scary.  For many, it’s not easy to approach a stranger.  Yet, to get a job, that’s exactly what needs to happen.  It’s important to go to job fairs or be involved in professional associations or "young professionals" groups to move yourself forward.   If you need help,  come to Career Services.  We have many ideas to help you make those valuable connections.  Our website is  Our phone number and email are 518-437-4900 and


Joseph Aini

Asst. Director

Career Services

Univ at Albany

Phone: 518-437-4900

Fax:  518-437-4906


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