My TA experiences with the lovely Katy DeCorah

What is the REAL job of a Teacher’s Assistant? Wait … should I be helping you or … ? Do I have to ask permission to go to the restroom?

… Those, amongst many others were the questions on my mind my first year being a Teacher’s Assistant for IST361. Lucky for me, the instructor, Katy DeCorah, was very friendly. This class mainly focused on HTML5/CSS and the professor did a great job teaching it. Aside from being a senior at the University at Albany, I also run a graphic/web design firm ( and it was refreshing to be around people who took an interest in something that I love to do. At times, I found myself also paying close attention to the lesson, just to brush up on some of the things that I might have forgotten.

I was given the opportunity to teach the class a lesson in graphic designs, and since then, I fell in love with teaching. Because of my new love for teaching, I got in contact with a local after-school center near my place of residence and they decided to hire me as a graphic design – photography teacher starting September 2012.

In conclusion, my experience as a TA was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.


Jacques Bastien
Creative Director/CEO of 
Information Science & Business minor, May 2012


One thought on “My TA experiences with the lovely Katy DeCorah

  1. Thanks for all your help, Jacques! It was so comforting whenever I second guessed myself to turn to you and get your opinion!

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