1 Goal Down, 1 Billion more to go!


In just a few days, I’ll be done with my bachelors. Unlike other goals in my life, like “getting ripped” or picking up guitar lessons, this is an actual goal that I have accomplished. It took me a while, I’ve struggled a little but I made it.

I have learned a lot in SUNY Albany. This university has prepared me for the “real world’. In fact, it feels as if I have been in a room with one window for 5 years; was briefed by professors and then supplied tools for what may occur outside the room.

Besides preparation for the real world, college has helped me manage and execute other goals. I’ve learned to write goals down and develop a plan to execute. I’ve also learned that failing to meet a goal after trying, only makes the individual stronger mainly by making them more determined.

I’m thankful for all those who supported me, including family and friends as well as professors and advisers. More importantly, thank you Dr. Goodall. Your senior semester class was amazing! In our weekly meetings we discussed issues and solutions to many problems. Although we debated amongst teams, we often found a compromise; which symbolizes the world’s problems and solutions.

Daquon Stukes
2011, Information Science

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