My Fall 2011 Internship Experience: Web Developer Intern

This Fall, I started my third semester as a Web Developer intern for the Communications and Marketing department, Web Services division (on campus). I started the internship my first semester of my Junior year and I, so far, intend on returning after Winter intersession. The internship has definietly stimulated my interest in web development and I find it fulfilling to be able to do what I want to do as a career as a college student. Most importantly, this internship has helped me “break” into the business world and give me a sense of what I should I expect when working at a “career” level position in the future. Everyone that I have worked with there has been very pleasant and helpful, always showing a great amount of respect and friendliness. Not only has this internship given me valuable and practical  experience, it has opened up the door for various networking, and hopefully job-lead opportunities. For the first time, I felt that I could efficiently communicate with experienced staff and share my thoughts that have provided a significant help for some projects. Speaking of projects,  I now am able to see some corollaries between school and work projects and how they share some similarities with each other. Overall, I found that getting an internship is a valuable and sometimes difficult endeavor but its direct and indirect benefits are innumerable.

Michael Croatto
Information Science, 2012


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