ACM Chapter Elections

Orgininally sent by Andrew Matusiewicz & Kim Gero to the SUPER-I listserv:

The election will be held Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th. To vote, go to the CS department office (LI-64) and fill out an anonymous ballot that Joan, the CS secretary will provide.  She will then take your ballot and record your name to ensure fairness. 

Joan’s hours are 9am-noonish and oneish-5pm, and she wishes you to know thatif she is not at her desk during these times, she is probably somewhere close in the department and will return soon.  If you have a time conflict, please let us know and we will try to figure something out.

The results of the election will take effect at the beginning of the next semester.

To those who wanted to run for ACM chapter office

We’ve come up with some alterations to make things simpler:

  • The voting for chair and vice-chair we will combine, and pick the most popular for chair and the second popular for vice-chair.  
  • We will also separate the candidates so that no person will be listed for more than one position on the ballot.

For those who signed up to run originally or emailed the ACM about interest in running, please send us your decision as to the specific office you want run for, that is: Chair/Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer a blurb about yourself supporting your candidacy. These blurbs we will post on the listserv and in the CS department.

Thanks much, any questions or comments, please contact or

-Andrew Matusiewicz
-Kim Gero



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