My Experience as a TA

My name is  Kyle O’Keefe.  I am an Information Science student with a minor in Computer Science.  I decided to try out being a TA because I needed a few extra credits to graduate and thought it would be a good experience to have.  Despite the overwhelming feeling you get sometimes by having students look to you for all the answers, I would say the experience actually opened my eyes to a possible career choice of becoming a teacher.  After finding a groove and a means of communicating an idea with a student, the learning process becomes much easier.  When using vocabulary the students can identify with it allows for better comprehension and makes the job of teaching alot less stressful.  Another thing I took away from this experience was the extra knowledge I picked up along the way.  For instance, when I  would be staring at the screen picking apart code trying to find a mistake,  I was also helping myself master it. The most significant thing I am going to take away from this experience is the feeling of accomplishment I have at the end of the semester.  You get to watch people adapt and grow over the course of the semester, it goes from a room filled raised hands during the first lab to barely a question on the last one.  To see that growth and to know you had a hand in helping accomplish that , there really is no better feeling.  I was always one to feel a sense of pride after completing an assignment, but when you help a student with one and see the light bulb go off after explaining it to them is a much more fulfilling feeling for me.  I would have to say the TA experience is one of the most beneficial things I have done here at the university and I recommend that all those who have the opportunity should give it a shot.


Kyle O’Keefe
2012, Information Science
INF 201 TA


One thought on “My Experience as a TA

  1. I remember being a ta for intro to COBOL back in the day and enjoying the time working with students and teaching a section once a week as you mentioned. I keep coming back to the time when two girls (business majors?) came up to me with their programming assignment and told me how they were writing the program together and couldn’t understand a particular requirement. I looked at them both and said don’t you understand that I am practically your teacher and you have just admitted that you are cheating. This is not a group project and each person needs to work on their own. They were like whoops, our bad and walked away.

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