Weekly Events 11/28/2011 – 12/4/2011


Engineering a Robotics Program | 3 PM in PHY 129, uptown campus
As scientific and technical knowledge evolves, it sometime happens that a new engineering field develops based on novel technologies, paradigms, or combinations of existing technologies.  We are now witnessing the emergence of robotics, as the decreasing cost and increasing availability of sensors, computing devices, and actuators opens opportunities for new devices that are limited only by our imagination. 
Prof. Michael A. Gennert is Director of the Robotics Engineering Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


ASIS&T Lunch, Next Steps in CCI | 12:30 PM in Assembly Hall (2nd floor Campus Center), uptown campus
ASIS&T and the CCI Dean’s office invite all CCI (IS, INF, MSIS, CS) students & faculty to lunch to discuss faculty research projects, learn about CCI Masters & PhD programs, and hear from Alumni regarding their professional lives. This will be a great opportunity to network, meet new people, and of course have some fun. 

ASIS&T Uptown Meeting | 8 PM in CS conference room (LI-98), uptown campus



Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo – Snack Attack | 1 PM in Campus Center Ballroom, uptown campus
Teams of 6-9 years show off their “Snack Attack” models and Show Me posters. Volunteer opportunity!

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