Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Why We Need More Women Engineers LIVE

I was very surprised when one of Mrs. Sandbergs viewpoints was that ”the problem is women are simply not as ambitious as men”.  I was a little taken back because to me that statement is saying that it is not because of outside influences but because of how women think.  Mrs. Sandberg seemed to have this idea that we need to change the way we view any Man vs. Women situation.  She commented on men staying home while the wife works, men putting diapers on(including the baby’s head).  I believe one of the big reasons Mrs. Sandberg feels so strongly about women in computing specifically is because as she stated the computer science field and the tech field is going to be one of the most demanded skills.  As the technology field grows, there will be more demand for people with those skills, and the more women with degrees or just having tech skills the more women will pick up these jobs. She discussed how to get girls involved at a younger age, she mentioned many of the things that occurred with my sister and I, and despite that my sister still has no interest in technology.  However I do know that my high school didn’t offer any computer science classes at all.  You had to go through a separate school that offered many other classes(such as culinary, cosmetology, trade skills, teaching, etc.).  When many of the girls went on the tour, by choice they all wanted to go to the culinary and cosmetology schools instead of going to any of the tech classes.  This was an open house, where there was no influence on where you had to go, or how long you stayed there, and there wasn’t a single girl who came to the computer technology class.


Watch Sheryl Sandberg’s Keynote Address at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2011.

Andrew Finnigan
Senior, Information Science


2 thoughts on “Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Why We Need More Women Engineers LIVE

  1. This is a very interesting article, I remember in my home country which is Yemen. Many women have the encouragement to learn the technology and work on their computing skills. In fact they try to join private institutes that offer teaching computing skills , however some time the culture and the family can be a rock in their way and they can???t gain those skills and they won???t be able to join those institues or universities . On the other hand I believe women in the U.S with all availble sources should have more encourgment to gain more computing skills. and as weknow that technology keeps moving forward so the demand for those skills will be higher.

  2. You both make a valid argument. However, i think the issue is that society does not encourage women to work in this field. Society has always indirectly encouraged minorities or any other group at that, to get into professions in which they feel is best for them. If you watch TV you will see how they place certain ads on different shows. In commercials, they put people with similar features as you to target certain people.

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