Impact of Social Networks

The world today revolves around social networks. I’m pretty sure that anybody who is reading this blog has some combination between a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Tumblr accounts.  Whereas 10 years ago, we put as little information about ourselves on the internet as possible, today’s social networks encourage us to put as much as possible.  This is because the current social networks have changed our views of privacy.  What we considered private even just a few years ago was to not put something out there to be seen by anybody.  Privacy today on the internet pretty much means that we will still put it out there, but we will make our Facebook or Twitter page private so that not everybody could see it. 

All the different social networks that people have the option to join and interact on also causes people to develop alternate personalities for the internet.  With all these people developing these different personalities for different social networks, and also their personality for when you actually see them in person, it leaves one to wonder, what is their real personality? Many people feel that they can express themselves more freely on social networks, which is very true, but how about the people that make up fake personalities for the social networks?  The people that make up fake personalities for social networks usually make them up because that is how they want to be seen. But with that being said, since people that know them already know their personality, who are they trying to impress, a bunch of people that they don’t know, and will probably never meet?

Social networking is, in a way making people less sociable when it comes to face-to-face interactions.  I have witnessed first hand many people appear to be social butterflies on all of these social networks, however in person they do not posses any social skills.  This however, can just be a sign that the times are changing, and people may need to socially interact more on the internet and less in person. 

Miles Gordon
Senior, Information Science


One thought on “Impact of Social Networks

  1. Great article, i agree with you. I think these social networks are great for contacting friends and promotion, but that’s about it. Chronic users create this artificial identity to others, posting what they want others to believe in. I agree, it is entertaining but like all other entertainment there are those who try to live in this way. Fakeness has been the new thing!

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