As Facebook has become the basis for all of our lives, it has also become the basis for some serious problems, like “Facebook addiction”. “Facebook Addiction” defined as “A person who spends more time on face book making “friends” than spending time in the real word interacting with their real life friends.” The symptoms of Facebook addiction are defined as:

  1. You are losing sleep because of it. That could be because you lost track of time or are staying up late using Facebook.
  2. You spend more time on Facebook than you intend. “Just a basic definition of any addiction is that the person is spending more time doing it than they intended to or would like,” Mol said.
  3. You become obsessed with old loves. “Maybe a person becomes so fond of the idea of reconnecting with an old love that they leave their current relationships,” Mol said.
  4. You ignore work or responsibilities in favor of Facebook. That goes for office jobs and stay-at-home parents. Neglect is a major problem when it comes to addiction.
  5. The thought of logging off leaves you in a cold sweat. “It can be very distressing to think about letting go or disengaging,” Mol said.

As you can imagine this could eventually destroy someone’s life. This disorder is taken very seriously by some; so much that they describe this as a mental disease.  But there have been strides to treat the problem like the http://netaddictionrecovery.blogspot.com/, where they have created a blog spot to help aid thoughts who need support with their addiction.

I personally don’t believe in this disease and I feel like that the people who are using this as an excuse are being ridiculous. Facebook is a sight that allows people to sign in and out very easily. Facebook also makes suspending or closing an account a very simple task. Also I found it  hard to believe that anyone would be able to be good Facebook friend if they are not living a life to post on Facebook.

Anthony Ruiz
BA in Information Science, 2012



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