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Is it truly possible to have a relationship with the use of Social Media?  Social media makes lying in relationship, whether it is good or bad, impossible. The fact that a person can go on Facebook and track exactly what you’re doing, whether you like it or not, will always going to create a problem in relationships. For example this post by a man who was caught cheating on his wife because he checked in at a hotel where he was having an affair with another woman. “Don’t check-in on Fb that your @ a hotel if your not with your man/woman. LOL” .

Disgracebook | November 7, 2011 in Cheating StoriesFeatured with 0 Comments

I had just returned from a business trip to Utah and my wife met me at the TF Green Airport, she was cold and insensitive, she had been going out nightly for two weeks with friends she met on ‘FaceBook’, she told me she no longer loved me and wanted a Divorce. We just celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary on 10.4.11. A year ago my wife didn’t know how to use a computer, her brother sent her a ‘Face Book’ invite, it was an innocent beginning for her, but she setup her profile, and left her status as ‘single’, started to notice she would be spending hours (3-4) on her laptop, but though thought that very long amount of time i believed her, when she said she was chatting with family overseas who she hadn’t seen or talked with in years.

Then a week before flying out to Utah on 10.4.11, walked into our bedroom, and could hear to my shock and amazement a mans voice coming from our bathroom, wife was on her cell taking a bath and talking to her friend, and she was speaking with such a loving and delicate tone that i hadn’t heard in over 20 years.

When i confronted her, about the call, she lied, and said she was speaking with her brother, then she became upset and accused me of spying on her, which is absurd, i had walked in the bedroom, with no intention of hearing my wife on phone speaking with another man. The day after this, she told me that she was talking to her girlfriends, lover, that he couldn’t reach her girlfriend, and that her girlfriend who is married and met the guy though Facebook, gave him my wife’s phone number, so he could call my wife to track her friend down. Facebook, should be called disgracebook, marriage is no longer sacred, and apparently its a fantastic dating site. I don’t have a Facebook account and never will.

Close Watch | October 31, 2011 in Cheating StoriesFeatured with 0 Comments

It all started the year we got married in 2008. I don’t know anything about Facebook but my husband sure did!! He was always on Facebook but I thought nothing of it. Until I started my Facebook page and my husband did not want to be my friend on Facebook. So that’s when I started to ask questions wounding why? My husband had been hooking up with girls he already knew from. He was so mad he stop get on line and told me that I had no right to be on his page. So I stared contacting this girls letting them know who I was. So that they can forget about have anymore contact with him and they understood. So them my husband got his self together and know he is so far doing right my me and our marriage. And he is back on Facebook but yes I steel keep a close watch!!!! 

These are common stories of how Facebook has caused peoples intimate relationship to crumble, by allowing lines of communication to remain open. One of the biggest questions that arise with people who cheat via Facebook is how they were able to create such an elaborate relationship in such a short amount of time. Studies have shown that people can establish relationships on Facebook in a few days, as opposed to the weeks it may take traditionally.

The nature of our relationships will now have to be structured around Facebook. We now define our real based on what Facebook says. If you are in a relationship a person and you don’t have it posted on Facebook it is not officially considered a relationship. The days when a person would allow there girl friend to where their varsity jacket as a sign of a serious relationship are over, now you will need to give your spouse your Facebook password. The unfortunate truth is that there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution, besides not using Facebook.

Anthony Ruiz 

BA in Information Science, 2012


4 thoughts on “Facebook cheaters

  1. I fully agree with this blog post. Social media has changed the way relationships are now a days. I had a conversation with my mom about this a few weeks ago and she said when she was asked out on dates the person would call her and if she wasn’t home they would leave a message on the machine if she wasn’t home or someone would write it down or they would ask her in person. Now a days people like to hide there faces and ask people out via the internet or text message. In todays day people go out and they post pictures from their nights online. Now if you go out with out your significant other you will see pictures of it online and if you don’t know a person that they are in a picture with it can lead to problems in their relationship. Back in the day you would trust you significant other more because you weren’t seeing them with other people in pictures. Facebook and other social media sites take trust away from relationships. when i was in a serious relationship me and my girlfriend at the time had the password to each others Facebook accounts so that we both had nothing to hide, but why be in a relationship if you cant trust them and need their password?

  2. I agree with the fact that Facebook and other social media outlets change how relationships are, but it is only to a degree. If a person is openly cheating on their significant other and doing so through communications on Facebook, then it is asking to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar. It is like these people want to be caught by their boyfriend or girlfriend. I do not approve of cheating what so ever. But if you are going to do so, wouldn’t you keep it under the radar. If you send messages over Facebook, MySpace, or even through text mesages and email, you are like the guy that leaves the gun with fingerprints at the crime scene. Facebook and other social media outlets make it a different experience in developing relationships. You can court someone through various forms on the Internet. I am an old fashioned type of guy. I would court a woman off line and not go into chat rooms or match.com to find that special someone. I am not saying there is anything wrong with it, especially if you have to travel or are in the military or any other circumstance where there is a long distance between. There is something missing from the experience of developing a relationship when you do so over the Internet. Someone should have told this guy about ashleymadison.com.

  3. Social networks haven’t made it impossible to be in a relationship, I do however think it has made it much harder. My personal opinion is that you should not follow your significant other on Twitter though. Facebook friends with your significant other is still cool, as many people do not communicate using Facebook walls anymore, so there will not be a lot of questions, such as "who is this?" , "Why she smiley faces to you?" etc. However, twitter is a much more open source of communication, which is why it is much harder to hide things. Plus, people flirt by nature, so seeing your significant other flirt via Twitter, or Facebook would not be easy to see for anyone. It would also put tremendous stress on the relationship, as everybody probably knows that their significant other flirts with guys/girls, but actually seeing them do it would just be annoying, and it would be a problem waiting to happen. All in all, the less interacting with social networks a couple has, the better chances of their relationship lasting.

  4. Cant you look at this the other way, when you’re in a relationship with someone you’re supposed to be honest. Facebook is just a way to make sure you’re other half stays honest with you. I think Facebook has the biggest effect on relationships by people getting jealous of their boyfriend or girlfriend just communicating with other people on Facebook. If a guy gets 10 posts from a girl, a few likes, then a little bit later he is tagged in a picture with her, even if its a picture of them doing school work or something innocent together, she is still going to be upset and jealous

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