How to Join a CCI Listserv

Why join a CCI listserv? You will receive important information regarding your major/program, upcoming events, job postings, internship opportunities, and much more. Below are instructions on how to subscribe to a listserv and how to find the listserv that best suits you.



  1. Compose an email 
  2. To:
  3. Leave subject line blank
  4. Body: Subscribe listserv-name first-name last-name
  5. Send – you will receive a confirmation


Which listserv is right for you…

I am an information science/informatics minor undergraduate student: INFUG

I am an information science Masters student: IST-L

I am an informatics PhD student: INFPHDSTU

I am a computer science undergraduate student: CSIB-L

I am a computer science graduate student: CSIG-L

I am a woman in CCI: CCIWIT

I am a student group officer: CCIGROUPOFF


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