South Seneca Central Schools Internship 2011

Hello all, I spent the 2011 summer as an intern at South Seneca Central Schools.  South Seneca is a much smaller district and most people are shocked when I say that there are only 70-80 kids in the graduating class.  Working in such a small district has many ups and downs, but one of the best parts is that our I.T team only has 3 employees so I have the option to pick from many different projects and decide what I want to get involved with.  When I started me internship school was still in session so I spent a lot of time helping out with work orders that teachers submitted.  These would vary from helping a teacher print to specific printers, Microsoft Office issues or even just how to power on a new laptop.  Once the teachers left it was then time to go to every computer in the district and update them from windows XP to windows 7.  We do this by using Norton Ghost to take an image of a computer and then send it out to every other computer that needs that specific image.  Another project I worked on this summer was  the VMware system.  The VMware system is a new setup to everyone at South Seneca so whenever we work on it, all of us are there trying to work through it step by step.  That’s one of the downsides to a smaller district is we don’t have in depth technical training and we have to stumble through and work a lot of problems out the long way.  Although despite not having someone to bring problems too, because we worked through each of the problems it helped to give me a much better understanding of them VMware system.  Working in a smaller setting really let me get as involved as possible on a lot of different projects.  Instead of just seeing what was happening I actually got to help through each step of it.


Andrew Finnigan is an Information Science undergraduate, prospective class of 2012. LAN Technician South Seneca Central School.

Read more about earning credit for an undergraduate internships.


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