Need Extra Credits? Resume Boosters? Volunteer work? A few ideas…

The semester is approaching quickly. Ready or not the CCI Student Center pulled together a few ideas to squeeze in extra credits, make your resume shine, and give back to the community.


CSI 490/INF 468/IST 468

The internship has two components. (1) work experience in position related to student’s interests in computing and information. Interns are expected to spend eight (8) hours per week during the semester at their internship location. (2) Academic seminar where students and faculty mentor meet together monthly to discuss their experiences and general career preparation topics. Assignments may include preparing a resume and cover letter, career development, assessing skills for and barriers to career development, and planning for graduate or professional school.

The catch? You have to find your own intership.

Read moreabout internships completed by fellow students.

Read moreabout the requirements.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Goodall,

Community & Public Service for credit

SSW 290/291 – School of Social Welfare

Look up the College of Computing and Information under organizations.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Goodall,

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

IIST 395/IINF 395 Internet Practicum (3­6)

The course provides students the opportunity to work as a teaching aide and lab assistant in information science. Students will hold weekly lab assistant hours, monitor and respond to student questions on the class listserv, and provide feedback to the course instructor. Maybe repeated for credit up to a total of 6 credits with permission of department. Prerequisite(s): a grade of B or higher in specific previous course and permission of instructor. S/U graded.

Computer Science students should dicuss opportunities with their advisor.

Read moreabout the requirements.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Goodall,



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