Share your experiences on the CCI Blog!

Blogging for CCI is as easy as sending an email!

  1. Click “Subscribe by email »” located on the right side of the blog.
  2. Compose an email to
    Use the subject field for your entry title.
    You may attach photos, video, music, and documents to compliment your entry.
    At the bottom of your entry include: your name, graduation year, degree, your current job/projects, contact information (if you desire).
  3. When you have finished writing – hit send.
  4. The entry will not be published automatically. One of our moderators will approve and publish.

If you post 3 entries, we will add you as a contributor.

Questions? Email us at

Topic Ideas

  • Internship experiences
  • Class projects
  • Independent projects
  • Conference trips
  • Report on CCI events
  • My experience as a (CS/IS/INF/international/returning) student
  • Student groups
  • Reviews: books, hardware, apps, etc.
  • Interviews


The topic is up to you, but we would like to see it tie into CCI or at least appeal to CCI students and faculty. You can upload photos, music, video, and documents – we encourage you to do so! Your entry can be as short as a paragraph, but we suggest that you do not exceed 750 words. This blog is meant to celebrate and share the accomplishments of CCI students and faculty, that being said – keep your post positive and encouraging.


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