EAPS 487 – Peer educator for Informatics

Being a peer educator turned out to be an unexpected opportunity that taught me many things. After applying to be a peer educator for Informatics (INF) 202 -Introduction to Data and Databases, I was approved and signed up for EAPS 487-Institute in Education. EAPS 487 is a three credit course that helps develop your peer education, teaching and communication skills. During the course, peer educators discussed their experience of trying to understand the students. As well as how they applied their assigned course material to the students’ need. At the end, peer educators conducted teaching style interviews with professors. The information was used to make a presentation on Teaching Style for other peer educators.
    The experience of being a peer educator has taught me various things about myself. I learned that I have a passion for technology and helping other students with their assignment or just assisting them with understanding the material.  In addition, the opportunity has allowed me to develop many useful skills. I learned how to gain the confidence to speak publicly in front of large crowds. I learned how to communicate with diverse groups of students of  all ages, ethnicity, and roots. I socialized and interacted with students inside the classroom and during office hours. I was able to tap into a large group of network of students and professors. Overall, being a peer education was a great opportunity and I would encourage everyone to experience it.
Thank You,
Anthony Bisram

VMWare installation – project for INF423

This blog is about my group project in my INF 423 class with professor Cortesi. My two partners and I decided that we are going to a project on how one of my partners job would benefit from the installation of VMware in their work environment. By the installation of VMware in his work environment his job would benefit greatly. This installation would be more reliable because it doesn’t break down as easily as the machines that are currently there, early 2000s machines. Other pros are that there is required less maintenance; VMware doesn’t collect dust as the other machines do to ultimately leads to dust being eliminated as a risk factor. It is a black box with ports for Ethernet cable, mice, keyboards, monitors, and power supply hooked up to it. We plan on having one VMware software run on all the clients. The cost is in the company’s reach and overall this would be a great asset to the work area, it’s highly beneficial to everyone and most important extremely efficient!

Jason M.

“Pirates of Silicon Valley” movie – watch it!

This blog is about a very interesting movie that my professor told my class to watch voluntarily in INF 424, my professor was Professor Cortesi, great teacher by the way.  The movie is called “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, a movie that was released in 1999, staring Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall and Joey Slotnick. The movie is about Steve Jobs, Noah Wyle, and the development and creation of Apple Inc. as well as Bill Gates, Anthony Michael Hall, development of Microsoft Windows and the rivalry between the two men as well as the creation of the personal computer.  The rivalry lasts many years and there are a ton of interesting encounters that happen between the two men and companies until the unique ending that happens. To know where the two men came from to where they ended up at the end is shocking. This movie is a must watch for Information Science, Information Technology, and Computer Science majors! It’s very interesting; I promise you won’t be boring! If Professor Cortesi ever tells you to read a book or watch a movie my advice is to read or watch it, he will never steer you wrong.

IMAGE: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/30/Movieposterposv.jpg/220px-Movieposterposv.jpg

— Jason Mordukhovich


Open stack speaker series


This is a blog post about my experience during the open stack presentation which was one of the events that took place during the open source festival. 

Attending the Open stack speaker series was an overall great experience that also taught me some valuable information. I already had an interest in cloud computing and learning that open stack was a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologist intrigued me even more.  They produce open source cloud computing for public and private clouds. So if I wanted to create my own private cloud and charge people to use it I could. Open stack to me is like the Wikipedia of cloud computing anyone can run it, build on it or submit changes back to the project. With the way cloud computing is starting to grow and become the “new internet” open stack could turn into something big, like the internet controlled and made by the people who use it.  

I also learned about github.com which Matt the speaker explained is like the facebook of coding, you can add friends, look at their codes and really learn a lot. Overall coming out to this event from 9-12 was well worth the 3 hour slot, it was beneficial in learning about things like open stack, rack space, dev stack and several other topics we went over. I learned a lot from it and would definitely like to attend one again. 


Adam Denenberg speech – 2014 Bunshaft Lecture

After attending the Bunshaft lecture I left with a lot of valuable information given by Adam Denenberg, from the stand point of someone who has become as successful as he has I took a few mental notes of things that stuck with me. Adam spoke about things he did that worked well, one of those things was discovering trends. This was something he did early on that had a great impact on his future. He understood how technology was always evolving and where the industry is going/moving, so essentially keeping up with the times is very important.

Denenberg stressed the importance of creating a routine that implements updating yourself daily by reading the best news and blogs. This can tremendously help you stay on top of new technology. Finding the trends is only the first step, after you find out what’s trending you need to implement it. Use what you discover, install the data base on your laptop, take an hour or two a day to learn the programming language and get your hands on it. Once you have an understanding of where people are focusing you have the upper hand. Knowing trends is like knowing something for conversational purposes, but making use of the trends to further your business is what will make a bigger impact. You have to ask yourself how many people are actually going to implement this, discover the trend then use the trend, because its not enough to just know people are talking about it.

Denenberg also spoke of resumes and how they only take you so far. For example, you can have a list of credentials and activities you did in college but these activities may not take you far in real life. He mentioned github.com saying it is the new resume, and at his job if a potential employee doesn’t have a github link then their resume isn’t read. This is because people want to see what kind of work you’ve done so github and LinkedIn are the new platforms for showing this work by building your profile through finding a small project to work on that shows your skills.

As far as the job market is concerned he stressed how experience can be more important than money. He said to not focus on how much money you’re getting but to put value in the potential experience because it can help you more in the long run. For example if you work for a small company doing various duties like coding, infrastructure work, or design. These experiences can build your skills more so in the long run and you’ll earn more based off of your skill set.

Overall attending this speaker series was very helpful. I got some insight on things companies look for like a Github.com and Linkedin profile. I also learned how to format my resume to be more efficient and how important staying on top of trends can be, especially in technology.

 For anyone who didn’t get a chance to attend the video can be viewed at News and Events – College of Computing and Information – University at Albany – SUNY – University at Albany-SUNY on Suny Albany’s website. (http://www.albany.edu/cci/6461.php.


Duane R. 

Doing an internship!

Recently I was given the opportunity to participate in a paid internship where my mom has a job. It is at Mohawk Paper Mill in Cohoes, NY. I was pretty stoked when they asked if I wanted to do so. This was my first real world job experience, plus they said it was payed. I have been doing entry level IT work for the company for roughly two months now and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I am learning a lot of things that are applying to my classes that I am currently taking at UAlbany. The only down side I would really say is that it’s an office job and I’m not that excited of being cooped up in one all day. But my main point I was getting at is that if you ever have an opportunity to do an internship that is related to your major, DO IT. Not only does it get your foot in the door and beef up your resume a bit, it makes you realize if this is really what you want to do in life. Even if the internship doesn’t work out and you are only there for a bit, you learned something. This allows you to make better decisions down the road for your future. I just wanted to spread some inspiration and good vibes to some other students who were hesitant on doing an internship, I can understand that an unpaid internship can be frustrating but it is definitely worth it in the end!  – Mike M.

Peter Aiken as our guest speaker at the CCI Showcase

The CCI Showcase was able to bring in Peter Aiken as our guest speaker who is widely acclaimed as one of the top ten data management authorities in the world. Mr. Aiken spoke about Big Data and the necessity to focus on big data techniques and technology. His presentation had a graph dealing with jobs dealing with technology and he showed us to look ahead and see what the future is going to request so we students could get on the ball having an edge. Throughout his presentation there was a video that had everyone thinking dealing with Stephen Colbert speaking on how Target knows us more than most of us will ever know. I thoroughly enjoy when I leave a presentation and am still thinking on the topics which were spoken upon. – Mike Class of 2015